Friday, March 6, 2015

#dancingman: Standing up to bullying

If you haven't followed the #dancingman story on Twitter recently... you're missing something special and very heartfelt.

@CassandraRules on Twitter discovered this picture below on the web web of a fellow dancing, who then stopped when he discovered some people laughing at him. The person who picked on him felt the need to post before and after photos of the fellow, clearly effected by their bullying.

From there, @CassandraRules started an internet social media hurricane to not only find this fellow, but to create a dance party in his honor in LA. 

#finddancingman !

Followed by a post with more detail announcing the intent of the party:

An an invitation with even more detail:

And with the power of social media in about 12 hours...

From there Cassandra made contact with this fellow in Kiev and the party planning kicked into high gear.

Someone started a donation fund online at in his honor to get him to the party and to provide funding. It's growing exponentially...

Shortly thereafter, more and more people took notice, including singer Pharrell Williams...

and Moby...

It's great to see people stand up to bullying, body shaming, and cruelty. 

My gratitude goes out to @CassandraRules for standing up to bullying, for taking action, and turning this into something great. To all the folks who have contributed... keep it going. Keep spreading the word.

Reminds me of that Men Without Hats Song...

"We can dance if we want to 
We can leave your friends behind 
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance 
Well they're, no friends of mine"

Who knows, maybe Men Without Hats will join Pharrell and all these other folks at the party ; )

It's a great story to keep using social media for good, and to stand up to bullying.

Talk about it with kids...

and we'll all be better for it.

note: When I started writing this today the fundraising started at around $4000. By the time I finished... it's over $8200 ; )


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