Presenting and Consulting Services

Workshops, conference development, and consulting... I specialize in helping schools, businesses, and non-profits in the following areas: Marketing and Outreach/Communications Move your outreach to the next level. 
Comprehensive branding, graphic design, and communications strategies: web, social media, email, print, imagery, SEO, KPIs, and analysis. Creative Project Management Systems to develop and manage creative projects.
Ideation strategies on through implementation. Building collaborative teams, systems, and ROI analysis. Organizational Restructuring What changes will bring the most results? 
Needs and workflow analysis, job description alignment / development, and training. Ideation and collaboration strategies. Technology Integration / Professional Development / Instructional Design Micro-learning, departmental, through full curriculum implementation.
Training an curriculum alignment strategies, interdisciplinary learning, professional development, Personalized Learning Plans, ideation, and innovation strategies. ADDIE, User Testing, Universal Design, UbD, LMS Integration and strategies.

Curriculum Development
Aligning school curriculum with present day and future challenges.

Grant Writing
Turn-key services, visioning, or editing/advisory.
IT Management Change the paradigm.
Audits, training, Help Desk innovation, hardware and software analysis, short and long-range planning. Conference / Event Development
Build an innovative and collaborative conference or PD event.
Comprehensive: Branding, advertising, innovative session/schedule development, customer surveys, emcee services. Learning and Workspace Design / Facility Renovation Chage the environment on a dime on through comprehensive refits.
Ideation, Branding/theme integration, creative space development and design, workflow analysis.

Conference Keynotes & Presentations (recent)
  • 'Digital Citizenship' in schools: Challenging that catch phrase.
  • What Inhibits and Fosters Innovation in Education?
  • Rethinking 'Time' in Schools
  • Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
  • Interdisciplinary Education: Best practices around the globe
  • Building Better Ideas co-presenter with David Jakes
  • Overhauling Tired Learning Spaces

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