Friday, February 27, 2015

To Boldly Go… RIP Leonard Nimoy

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Leonard Nimoy on his recent passing… and to the many 'Trekkies' out and about as well.

As a 'trekkie,' Nimoy's passing makes for an especially sad, reflective day. It still does feel weird when an icon from your childhood passes away. 

Star Trek had a huge influence on me in my childhood, opening doors to me about issues of the times and debates in a much larger world. To name just a few...
  • The first truly interracial cast
  • The first interracial kiss on prime time television
  • Women in expanded roles 'the military'
  • A Russian and Japanese character in protagonist roles instead of the usual antagonist roles of the time
  • A show that routinely cast questions on the existence of God, other dimensions, and realities.
With any little bit of research it's also easy to see how the show had a huge impact on technology in our time.

And Nimoy as Mr. Spock… 

Pointy ears, grim visage… a study in the struggles between logic, duty, humanity, love and passion… and all the banter between Spock, McCoy, and Kirk and the endearing friendship too. The show was constantly filled with hope for humanity.

It truly did take a sense of adventure to boldly go into that role as Spock as an actor, especially back then. So did sticking with the role amidst some scathing criticism and then turn it into such an endearing character.

One moment in particular, the story back then of Nimoy going to producers and demanding equal pay for co-star Nichelle Nichols as her male counterparts was also an eye opening moment for this then young boy.

An excerpt from a Walt Mossberg tweet it summed it up so well a few minutes ago...

"For me and many others, both Nimoy and Spock were inspirations."

That does sum it up well for me as I sit here.

Nimoy's last tweet does too… reflective, poignant, and fitting...

So long, Leonard. We'll miss you here…

and please do say hi to Bones (DeForest Kelly) and Scotty (James Doohan) for us too ; )


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