Thursday, May 12, 2011

Self Motivation in Education

Here are a few quotes from a post by Seth Godin called Self Directed Effort is the Best Kind that speaks volumes about the trials of education.

There's an entire system organized around the idea that we're too weak to deliver effort without external rewards and punishment. If you only grow on demand, you're selling yourself short. If you're only as good as your current boss/trainer/sergeant, you've given over the most important thing you have to someone else.

The thing I care the most about: what do you do when no one is looking, what do you make when it's not an immediate part of your job... how many push ups do you do, just because you can?

Teaching self motivation is the key.

Getting project based education started in a classroom is easy. Working with students to become self-motivated, challenging them to use technology for something other to entertain themselves… takes constant effort. It's a messy process. Good learning is like that though I think.


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  2. thanks for the post! I loved it!
    staying self motivated is one of the most difficult skills to learn. our instincts are to be passive and to sit on our asses and wait for something to happen. motivating ourselves day in and day out is hard!

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