Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital Dossier

Wrote a new post called 'Digital Dossier' and posted it on the rLab class blog.

What does your digital dossier look like?

It's not new thought or question per se... but the post I wrote a few moments ago comes fresh off a discussion with folks from another school who are seeking our help here in the Lab. They are seeking ways to encourage administration and IT folks to open up social media use and discussions at their school. These folks told me that all social media tools at their school are blocked: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious... every single one I mentioned.

The discussions on the strengths and pitfalls of social media are relevant. Maybe not for some adults in schools, but certainly for students in school. They discussion must be 'real' though, practiced, and not just theoretical.



  1. All schools must move to openness if they are to remain relevant to students. Each school starts at a different place on the "openness continuum" (not a Star Trek term), but all need to be moving towards opening. This requires organizational trust, shared purpose, and a clear understanding why it is necessary from an educational perspective. Adult FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) can paralyze organizational decision making or cause reactionary policy approaches in this area, but when such policies are designed to meet the needs of students rather than adults, openness becomes easier to rationalize and manage.

  2. I agree! Simplicity and clarity are the key. Engage.