Friday, July 3, 2015

Will your school take the Student for a Day Challenge this Fall?

BBA Student for a Day Project from Adam Provost on Vimeo.

This morning I sent production notes to the 150th person who requested them on the Student for a Day project. After receiving them they emphatically sent me another note about how excited they are to run this project this Fall at their school. "I wish more schools would do this," they said.

Good idea.

So here it is... the 'Student for a Day Challenge.'

What if, this Fall, your school took on the 'Student for a Day' challenge where your teachers become 'Students for a Day'?

Do pre interviews, run time filming, and then post production interviews.

It'll raise some important questions and hopefully discussions on...

  • start time
  • transition times between classes
  • class length
  • school lunch experience
  • homework
  • attendance policies

... just to name a few.

How can the school schedule improve for kids? How about for families? What's the day look like through the eyes of a student? How do school policies (really) match up to common sense?

Put your structure, policy and master schedule to the test.

It's great development work for students and PD for adults. it'll open the door to important conversations.

Will your school take the 'Student for a Day Challenge?' this Fall?

Invite student inquiry into the educational process...

Never know what might turn up.

My sincere thanks to the folks who've helped spread the word on this by republishing over the years... journals, blogs, and ed folk! Let's see how far this will go!

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