Thursday, February 5, 2015

EduCon 2015 Reflections: 2. The Privileged Voices in Education

My thanks to Jose Vilson and Audrey Watters for setting up a session at EduCon 2015 called The Privileged Voices in Education, and to Rafranz Davis who filled in for Watters due to illness.

I've followed the writing from Vilson and Davis for some time so it was a privilege to meet finally meet them both in person.

Vilson and Davis created a space for people to voice opinions, concerns, explore questions, and to keep sharing resources to learn and keep the discussion going.

I'm trying to continuously grow my thoughts and abilities to promote more thoughtful discussions on white privilege, elitist practices, and - as they wrote in their conversation description - "who's voices are often amplified and squelched." I'm listening a lot at the moment and reading on and from many different perspectives.

There's much to discuss and debate. Many people at the discussion agreed, shifting practices from limited discussions on race around Martin Luther King day and during Black History month and into daily work is a great first step.

What sources are chosen at your school and by whom? As one attendee put it, who's name I'm sorry I didn't get, said:

"It took me a while to realize I was only promoting discussions on the great, white, dead authors."
There were many brave 'shares' in the room. Many asked for advice on how to promote these discussions, and many volunteered to share resources and keep the discussion going. The #educolor hashtag continually provides great resources and perspectives.

Everyone stepped away with an important perspective...

The forward movement we need won't be achieved in one 'unit,' one faculty meeting presentation, one 'training,' or one student assembly.

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