Monday, December 22, 2014

The Colbert Report, it's been a privilege

The Colbert Report closed up shop this last week, and it's an understatement to say that I'll miss watching.

The show came off so well so often I've often wondered how things worked behind the scenes. It's something I never really researched to see what was out there. Then this podcast below from SlateRadio called 'Working, a podcast about what people do all day,' by David Plotz dropped on me (thanks Gary Stager for the link) to give us a glimpse.

It's a reflective time of year, and my mind tends to drift when I settle into Holiday season vacation. My mind drifted toward how teams should work and collaborate within schools... and how they so often don't successfully. Students, educators, and administrators so often function in a silo without this level of collaboration and shared development that Colbert describes in the podcast to build the show. I thought about so many students missing out on this level of collaboration in schools. How too many students miss out on discussions on current events in our world, and also the opportunity to talk about them more deeply and apply them to some historical context.

Then I listened to the podcast again... and just listened  ; )

The Colbert Report was one of those shows I could watch again, from the launch episode to it's finale a few days ago and laugh even more than I did when I saw it the first time. My thanks to the writers, production team, and to Colbert - the character and the actor - for nine great years.

The show provided me the opportunity to end the day with a good laugh. It gave me more insight into the absurdities in our world through the lens of a great character and great comedic writing. The show helped me add a lot to my work with students to teach them about the world. And best, it poked fun at some things, well, that need to be poked.

Colbert's new gig will be succeeding David Letterman on Late Night early in 2015. The character from Colbert Nation won't be there, but all the comedic wit and experience the real Stephen Colbert gained will be. Ready and waiting.


photo: ColbertNation

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