Sunday, November 16, 2014


Data storage...

I needed some quick info on data storage to solve backup needs. Drives, flash drives… prices, places, models, ratings… quick research.

Then that surfing thing happened…
"Too tired, distracted, heading off in a direction you didn't quite intend…" but in this case sort of related.

20 minutes and a series of links later, I found this clip below on the advancement of data storage.

A conversation I had with students recently about 'how fast technology is advancing' must have been bouncing around in my head somewhere.

I was telling students about a Mac SE/30 I used to own with a 40mb hard drive and 4 mb of ram.

Smartphones are now featuring over 100GB of flash storage… and Seagate is shipping 8 terabyte hard external drives for under $200.

Makes you wonder what these devices will be doing 20 years from now, doesn't it?

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