Sunday, October 26, 2014

#mozfest 2014 event comes to a close...

Conf photo albums, check the ones for MozFest 2014
Great pics by Tracy, @PixelVixenUK
and Paul, @Paul_Clarke
I had a great time at #mozfest 2014 in London.

Once again, many thanks to the folks volunteering, providing services, and running the event. Of course, a special thank you to US-Ignite and Mozilla for bringing me over to mash.

To the attendees… what a privilege to meet so many talented and inspiring people.

The event closes, but… I'm inspired, bringing back heaps of resources, and have so many ideas to develop and refine.

There's so much here at #mozfest brewing for adults and students that's relevant and important to discuss, create and develop. The pic on the left were the major themes from the conference. Here's the full session list within those themes revealing the salt. 

Conferences like this can be tough. There are so many things that have value. There were so many themes that presented opportunities to learn, build, and share. I chose to skim and draw from many. It would have been very easy to stay in one place and fully immerse myself in something in one track. Perhaps next time.

the endless food and drinks were great too ; )

So was the free Flame phone with the new FireFoxOS… and with OS choice (I chose the developers distro). Turning students loose on this will be a lot of fun.

So was strolling around London. I truly wish I could stay for a another week (or two) to explore.

As people on the web expands from 2 billion to 5 billion people… shaping the web we want… what does that look like. Lots to think about. 

I'll write more about my takeaways here. I've got a lot to process… but will do so in a couple days. I'm totally exhausted. Going to grab some food, and then about 10 hours of sleep.

We win...

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