Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project Ignite in Montpelier, VT

Many thanks to the folks who attended Project Ignite! in Montpelier, VT and to Charlie Wilson and Lucie deLaBruere for organizing the event. 

It was a privilege to be asked to speak to the group and share the rLab story.

Summing up all the layers of the rLab in less than 10 minutes is a challenge. 

Here's the (updated) PDF version of the presentation I gave. This one gives a better overview of how the course was built.

If you'd like to chat more about the rLab... I do all the time and would be happy to help. Some schools I've worked with are interested in adopting the whole construct and some others in incorporating bits and pieces of it into their existing courses. I'd be happy to share whatever pieces you're interested in. In it's glory, the course can be disruptive. That's a good thing. I've always thought rethinking educational practice, especially traditional ones, is healthy... especially for students. 

Examples of what folks have been interested in:

  • core elements of the lab: PBL, Student Proposals, Topic choice
  • PBL lab 'assignments' and the evolution of them
  • Framework for open topic choice
  • inquiry based topic exploration: identifying icons and then project mentors
  • collaboration guidelines outside school walls
  • student proposals to administration
  • having students design their project rubrics
  • disruptive (and sensible) shifts the course can generate
  • strategies I used to mentor all the different project threads over the years. With so many projects in so many diverse areas... I'll tell you I learned a lot.

Many folks also asked about the research I did on my sabbatical. I looked at innovative schools in seven countries primarily on:

  • inquiry based and PBL education
  • rethinking the school schedule
  • creating innovative student classes and / or programs
  • new learning environments
  • school architecture and designing learning spaces
  • innovative adult ( and student) PD programs / models
  • Leadership structures that foster (and prohibit) innovation

I'd be happy to talk about those anytime too. Just drop me a note.

Congratulations to all the Ignite! award winners. It was inspiring to see all the great work on display and hear the shared stories.

Time for some dinner! 

Keep moving forward...


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