Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to my next trek

My time in Reggio Emilia was great fun. I met many great educators, made many excellent connections, and spoke to some folks who's work I've admired for decades. The keynote by Carla Rinaldi It reinforced my belief that inquiry based based education is essential. Schools should be supportive places, rich with collaboration to constantly improve things.

Early childhood education in Reggio is truly a stellar program. Finally seeing it up close was deeply rewarding. Without a doubt ill be headed back.

Still pondering a good many things, I collected my things and headed to the train station for my next trek.

On the train to the Malpensa airport from Milan Centrale (train station), I heard the couple across the aisle speak English and introduced myself. Turns out they were teachers from upstate N, and listening in two seats behind us was a grad student in education from DC. We had quite a discussion. Hearing what this couple was up against, the trials of their jobs, the trials going on in their school district… was a theme I heard many times by meeting random travelers… and likely will many more times.

Tired. Lots of time in the air coming up.

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