Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Catching up after the school year is still a work in progress. After finishing up...

Narrative reports for 82 students
Teaching classes
Closing up a Varsity baseball season
Two grad school classes and a culminating Capstone project
High school championship weekend
Junior (baseball) showcase

To boot, I capitalized on an opportunity to travel to Las Vegas with the Colchester Cannons baseball team for 9 days. I had a great time on the trip but it was exhausting.

The stickler? The hotel in Vegas had terrible (and expensive) internet access. The only alternative was to switching into 'offline' mode. I was able to get a significant amount of Capstone work done. Now I'm catching up on the Virtual Worlds (online) class.

Next up? World of Warcraft.

I've avoided this game for years simply for lack of time. I've played it once waaaaay back in the day with a friend for about an hour and not since.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm curious to turn this experience and SL into a virtual class at our school.


Currently I'm downloading the entire WOW game, even with our internet connection speed, it's still taken 12 hours with likely three more to go.

I've appreciated the flexibility of the two grad school class instructors to catch up. Without the flexibility I'd have had to drop both classes.

So, I'm anxious to catch up. I've got the rest of this week and all of next week before I run baseball camp on the week of the 9th. Then it's straight on through until the Capstone is over.

2gbs to go on the WOW install...


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