Sunday, April 22, 2012


If at first you don't succeed...

I've received notice that I've landed a sabbatical! It's a humbling honor to receive such news. The sabbatical allows me to take a paid semester off with some travel money... an incredible opportunity provided by some visionary thinkers, Barry and Wendy Rowland, who support our school.

The plan will take me to many locations in the world to look at some of the best practices in education. I'll look to chat with visionary leaders at these institutions and explore their visions of school climate and culture... the future of what 'school' can be. This adventure will take me to many places throughout the United States, to Germany, Italy, Canada. Here are a few on my list to visit:

Boston Arts Academy, MA
Urban Academy, NY
iSchool, NY
Calhoun School, NY
Science Leadership Academy, PA
Olin College of Engineering, MA
MIT Media Lab, MA
Harvard TIE program, MA
High Tech High, CA
High School for Recording Arts, MN
University of Oregon, OR
University of Regina, Canada

Three schools in Germany and Reggio Emilia, Italy and...

The Educon and the TED Conference.

There's a long list of people I hope to chat with as well. More on that later!

The work in the semester sabbatical will certainly run over... perhaps for a lifetime ; )

What are the best practices out there? How are the folks in these places redefining 'school?' What are these innovative places in education doing now and where are they headed? Refitting our concepts of what education could be... is going to be a fun place explore in this fashion.

I've got a head start... the data from 21 Tech Research classes over seven years where we've looked at how we could refit education based on student needs. I've read boatloads on the subject, and have countless interactions with folks from other conferences and chats to build upon and draw from too.

The semester long sabbatical will take place next school year. My hope is to stir up many conversations online and in person before, during, and after.

It'll be a wild ride... and I'm looking forward to the journey and all the collaboration.

Who knows where it all might lead.

Planning is underway. 


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  1. Adam, Congratulations!!!! I just saw this on Facebook, and ran right over and joined your blog. [ Which means you'll have to join mine at French at Heart, of course!!!] I think that is such a fantastic thing that the Rowlands are doing for you. I will be reading along to watch you as you go. And enjoying reading of your educational discoveries. How excited you must be!
    Best wishes to you!