Saturday, October 29, 2011

MAT 610... Pedagogy Thinkin'

Q: "How would you describe your pedagogy / your ideas about teaching now? What to you take from the big 4 theories."

Behaviorist: I do analyze response and stimulus. I see how people react to questions and class discussions. I play movies and music in class while we work, observe behavior, and help students analyze ‘ideal’ and productive work environments, how to learn, and learning style.

Cognitivist: Helping students explore how they think and process (Gardner... multiple intelligences). Self-designed projects and evaluation of method, self-managed workflow, project management, challenges to conventional thinking of 'school' vs education, thought process, and capacity of / for growth.

Connectivism: Connecting things into broader learning and life. How technology effects you: past, present, and future. Creating a diverse learning community to refine and expand knowledge.

Constructivist: Creating (large emphasis on creating) knowledge. "Learning is messy." We learn as much from the explorative process, exploration and failure. Self designed project, trials and triumphs, research, presentation, and duration of each project itself.

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