Saturday, October 29, 2011

MAT 610... Pedagogy Thinkin'

Q: "How would you describe your pedagogy / your ideas about teaching now? What to you take from the big 4 theories."

Behaviorist: I do analyze response and stimulus. I see how people react to questions and class discussions. I play movies and music in class while we work, observe behavior, and help students analyze ‘ideal’ and productive work environments, how to learn, and learning style.

Cognitivist: Helping students explore how they think and process (Gardner... multiple intelligences). Self-designed projects and evaluation of method, self-managed workflow, project management, challenges to conventional thinking of 'school' vs education, thought process, and capacity of / for growth.

Connectivism: Connecting things into broader learning and life. How technology effects you: past, present, and future. Creating a diverse learning community to refine and expand knowledge.

Constructivist: Creating (large emphasis on creating) knowledge. "Learning is messy." We learn as much from the explorative process, exploration and failure. Self designed project, trials and triumphs, research, presentation, and duration of each project itself.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs

 It's an odd feeling...

when people you've admired for so long... pass away.

You never really get used to it.

I took the time to watch some of Apple's latest tech update earlier today... about 330pm and I remember seeing an empty chair in the front row... and how that struck me as odd... especially in such a small auditorium. I remember wondering if Jobs would show up at this product announcement or if he'd keep a low profile.

My mind wanders...

Over these many years I've owned quite an array of Apple gear.

My first venture was a Mac SE/30. I spent hour upon hour on that small monochrome screen. Inventing. Crafting music. Exploring digital design. I had to toss that SE/30 away last week... another victim consumed in the flood. The computer gave me an opportunity to change my life.

My mind just wandered over to the thought that earlier today I was pondering iPhones for my daughter, her first cell phone, and for our family contract upgrades. Another Apple device.

I remember how I laughed when I watched Jobs introduce the iPhone.

I remember my reaction when I saw that commercial back in 1984, with Anya Major running in... directed by Ridley Scott... the sledgehammer...

The web is bustling with stories on Jobs death, his creativity, his design, attention to detail, business sense, and incredible drive. Many of them are well written. Many are striking visually... especially the ones at Wired and BoingBoing. And they happened fast. The NY Times, Wired and many others have all crafted various tributes... notes of sympathy from Bill Gates, Sergey Brin... and a host of others. I just sort of watched it all flow and develop on the web. Somewhere along the way, I posted a tribute on the rLab class blog too.

The video Wired posted above... it's some great smithing. A timeline... of innovation and spirit. It speaks to... well, you can decide.

Over these years I've marveled at Jobs creativity... his ability to keep inventing and reinventing products... and himself... a drive to be innovative.

I'll miss his updates and his ability to blend technology, art, and functionality... into simplicity.

And I'll miss watching how much he seemed to enjoy it all.

It's very likely, as far as Apple was pushing ahead these days, that we'll see a few more products that has Jobs signature on it. He's also inspired a whole crew there to carry on at Apple.

When the innovators die though, the true geniuses...

It's an odd feeling...