Saturday, September 17, 2011


Reflective post for MAT610: Educational Technology: using the blog label (tag) mat610...

"Post your writing from our first class (your initial thoughts on what learning is and how you learn) as your first post. You will use your blog to reflect on learning and technology throughout the class."

Well... after my surreal start to Grad School, here are my first notes from the two exercises we did. Not bad all things considered. I've written far worse ; )

What is learning?
I’d define learning as, paraphrasing a line from Star Trek, ‘... to boldly go where you’ve never gone before.’

Keep evolving intellectually and emotionally.

The ability to seek out new boundaries, challenging ones self to explore new things, engage and process new perspectives.

How do you I personally learn?

I love to try things, get my hands into it, and play (constructivist style). I love to chat with people and mash over ideas. I’m a social person and learn a great deal from conversing with people. I’m a reader, more so a blog and article hound, but love to discuss what I read with other people. I’m a self-motivated learner. I am constantly seeking out new things: food, places, music, perspectives, theories, and technology. I’m rarely overwhelmed, rather, I’ve developed some skills through the years to break things down into small pieces and have a personal philosophy... ‘keep moving forward.’

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