Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lots Going On... Engage.

My thanks to the everyone in the 1st semester Tech Research and eDesign classes for their work. We covered some great individuals projects, thought provoking classwork and design work.

Lots going on...

The new semester fires up Tuesday. Another eDesign class and the first run of a modified version of the Tech Research class for Freshman while D and E block Tech Research continues.

A few students are firing up an internship this Spring with me to develop a course for next year. The idea centers along the lines of a Senior Seminar type experience. The hope is the course will challenge our conventional thoughts on education, introduce many practical threads for students as they move on to the next step, bring in some great guest speakers (educators, business folks and Alumni!) and explore a student centered feedback loop for the students to deliver messages to the school on their perceptions on education. We'll look at length at the master schedule too... what could be possible with some flexibility and creativity. Very excited about where this can lead.

Next week I'll be headed to the Educon conference in Philadelphia. WHOOHOO! There's a great slate of discussions planned and I'm excited to meet many of the folks I've collaborated with online over the past few years.

Work has started on a faculty study group to explore project based learning, pedagogy and the role of technology in the future of this school. The Educon trip next week is part of this work. We've started a professional development blog for the group to share resources as we go.

Board work with VITA-Learn and I'll be working on a conference in the Spring, likely April, on project based learning, pedagogy and specifically the impact more personalized technology can have on these fronts.

Another baseball season is on the horizon too. Lots to do. Work continues with the 643DP Foundation to improve the local playing facility, we'll be looking at a Spring trip (possibly to Cooperstown, NY and the Hall of Fame) and addressing some much needed All-Star selection and season schedule refits for the league. I'll also be working on planning renovations for the local little league fields too and the Summer youth clinic. It looks at this time that negotiations to lower the Summer camp price through the school were successful. I think this will lead to increased enrollment and ultimately better service to the community.

On these baseball fronts too, I'll be working with other folks in the State at the VBCA to run our Spring clinic and to develop a Junior All-Star game. We've discussed the Junior game for two years now and it's time to set it in motion.

On a personal note... it's time to tear out the floors in the house. Green bamboo, fresh paint throughout, cast out some furniture... perhaps a renovation of a bathroom and add a first floor pellet stove. We'll see how things sugar out.

Teach a grad course for SNHU? We'll see what they are up to in the Spring or Summer.

Then there's starting that Masters program... hmmm.

Mix in a few trips here and there to Boston and Burlington, some good company along the way... some blogging on the rLab and on here on my personal blog...

We'll see what else gets conjured up.

Should keep me busy until June!


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