Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogging on Ed Reform: November 22, 2010: Part 1

The National day for 'Blogging for Reform' took place on November 22, 2010. I don't think I'll do it in one post.

I've been thinking about 'math' in education for quite a while.

I like this post by Conrad Wolfram.

Wolfram talks of working with students on:

1. Posing the right questions.
2. Real world math formulation.
4. Math formulation. Real world verification.

Step 3. in Wolfram's sequence is 'Computation' and he poses that that's where illogically spend most of our time these days with students, why too many feel disconnected with math. I'd say he's right.

I've been a fan of Mathematica since it first came onto the scene. Mathematica 8... is the best yet. I'd love to see a group of talented teachers turn their creative spirit loose on this, how they could use it in education. Get Steven and Conrad Wolfram in a room for a day with those teachers and see what could happen... design  a framework for what math in schools could become, how it could be woven into a variety of great projects.

What do you think?

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