Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging for Real Reform Part V: ' Attention vs Distraction.'

Step 1: Take a read of this article called:

There's a video there too on the page too called 'Fast Times at Woodside High' that summarizes the article too.

Step 2. Then give this a read:


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  1. I think the cliche "a double edged sword" comes to mind here. In today's world people are increasingly connected, and bombarded with information. Are there potential ill-effects to that lifestyle? Absolutely.

    However, I think this ignores history. A generation ago we were worried about kids being "glued to the TV set" as they sat there drooling being hypnotized by mindless TV drivel. Now today, we are complaining about that kids are talking, connecting, communicating, and constantly distracted with information? Sounds like a step up!

    The key thing is focusing on putting things in context, and helping kids to develop discipline and self-awareness/control. Tools aren't inherently bad, but they can be used poorly.

    Education needs to be more concerned with helping kids to develop skills such as discipline, the ability to communicate, to problem solve, to learn (regardless of the subject). Honestly, I think a class that just focused on "memory" or "how to learn a new topic" would be of much greater value than a "an now we will read Romeo and Juliet (the abridged version).