Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is in the air

Fall... It's a sensory load, no doubt.

Colors cascade across the landscape like a blanket being pulled slowly from the sky to the ground. It reveals the dark, stark landscape below, setting the stage for Winter. The colors while it works... The vibrancy... Every year... Are hard to believe. Living in the North Eastern United States the majority of my life, the beauty of the Fall season has never escaped me. Some years are more vibrant than others. So it goes with life.

The sounds shift. The breeze has a crisper tone to it from the stiffness of the leaves left on trees or swirling about the ground. Tractors, wood splitters, raking of leaves, the snap of a wood fire. The smell of a simmering crockpot that fills the house... like today.

Roasts, stews, ales and breads of a heartier sort start making their way around. The smells are savory. My palate in particular... I enjoy this time of year thoroughly. The apple harvest makes it's way into... Everything. To this day, the thought of seasonal caramel apples... You know that scene in the movie Ratatouille, where the food critic is transported back in time? Powerful emotion. A spice of life.

With all the sensory shifts... I always get reflective this time of year. I enjoy the seasonal show, the sensory shift... And spend time soaking it in.

I've followed a slew of bloggers over the years: Seth Godin, Yong Zhao, Chris Lehmann, Gary Stager, David Warlik to name just a few but somehow I've avoided writing my own blog for nearly a decade. Not sure why really. There is always another thing on 'the list' to pull me away from this sort of writing. Perhaps I've been concerned about voicing my opinions in a format like this. Don't know.

So it's time. Time to carve out a chunk of reflective time to do this. Perhaps I just need to do some reflecting in this format to... Clear out my mind.

I'll see where it goes, how often I do it and on what topics. Right now, I'm sure it'll be a mixture of things... And that suits me just fine.

Writing something like this... On a phone and posting it to a blog... Though I've done this numerous times, it still makes me smile every time I do it.


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