Thursday, October 27, 2016

To boldly go...

It's been a busy few months.

July and a large chunk of August flew by with many plates in the air. VT Fest Fall conference prep, two consulting gigs, teaching a grad class, Spring conference development, a very busy Summer baseball season and a consuming post-season tournament, and a lot of research and reading.

Then I was presented with an offer I couldn't refuse... to be the Director at Burlington Technical Center (BTC) in Burlington, Vermont.

I've had a number of offers to enter the admin realm over the years. None of them seemed a good fit... until this one came along.

Helping BTC in a leadership role presented a chance to continue development projects I did with them last year. That work included facility renovations, program relocations, creating new programs, a new website, marketing development, building community connections, and tossing our hat into the CTE Makeover Challenge Grant contest. That grant proposal... the culmination of many years of hard work introducing kids (and adults) to project-based education and developing students personalized learning plans was selected as one of 10 winners Nationwide. WHOOHOO!

It also presented a chance to continue working with Tracy Racicot, former Director at BTC who moved next door (so to speak) to lead Burlington High School, Herb Perez - Assistant Principal, and new comers Mario Macias - Guidance Director, and Noel Green - Assistant Principal. These folks are innovative and team oriented. I am looking forward to working with them on student centered development and systems thinking and innovating.

The Tech Center itself has a great crew as well. This was another reason I signed on. We have a great balance of experience and new faces to build with.

I'll tell you... starting the job two days before in-service was exhilarating and also a challenge. I had two major consulting gigs in tow, was teaching a grad course and working on State conference development for VITA-Learn. But I'm over that bridge finally... and starting to get some sleep again ; )

Personally... finding balance in the 12 months ahead will be key.

With this innovation work and systems focus at BTC... I start a two-year process to gain an official admin license... take certification classes, tests, and build a portfolio. I'll continue to take interesting consulting gigs as I can, presentations, and serve as President of VITA-Learn to continue conference development and expanding PD offerings for teachers and students Statewide.

We'll mix in some baseball too ; )

Here's to it.