Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The spice of innovating!

It' been a busy couple months since Educon in Philly.

I've been working on:

clearing up a nasty lung infection. Not for the faint of heart! Ok, that's not really 'innovating'... but it's taken up some serious time.

working in Burlington School District in Vermont on many innovative projects

and also this...

I'm helping VITA-Learn (Vermont educator professional development) again to renovate it's conferences, social media approach, and Statewide PD initiatives. Here's the latest entry...

The Dynamic Landscapes 2016 conference in Burlington is shaping up to be one of the best VT conferences to date!

We've added a thread called Immersive Workshops this year. Small workshops are great to explore innovation and gather many ideas, but... what about the idea of working for a half day or full day on one topic... with people from other schools with similar interests? it's something we, in practice, rarely get to do. So... Immersive workshops do just that. Dive in for an extended period of time in a discussion facilitated by some heavy hitters.

We're once again doing Ed Camp sessions, have more affordable housing options, and a new social event. We keep expanding the Maker / Innovation space, advanced Maker classes to build skill... and more. We've added some group pricing as well to make it more affordable to send teams.

Of course, I'm not alone in the planning! Diana Laufenberg, Jess Wilson, Lucie deLaBruere, the VL board, Ed Barry, and Paul Irish are all all part of the organizational team.

Check out all the updates on Dynamic Landscapes 2016 and see for yourself. Every time I look at that Immersive workshop list I smile ; )

We're off and running.  Just getting started!

Hope to see you there!