Presenting & Consulting Services

I love helping people innovate, build learning opportunities and initiatives, tell stories, renovate, communicate, and find creative solutions.

I'm a designer, educator, coach, project manager, and a techie at heart. Through that rounded experience I'm able to help build ideas and incredible initiatives.

I bring over 25 years of experience to the table in a wide variety of areas that are listed below.

Feel free to contact me for more information on how I can help with your project needs or goals.

Thanks for tuning in.


Conference Keynotes & Presentations (recent)
  • What Inhibits and Fosters Innovation in Education?
  • Rethinking 'Time' in Schools
  • Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
  • Interdisciplinary Education: Best practices around the globe
  • Building Better Ideas co-presenter with David Jakes
  • Overhauling Tired Learning Spaces

Creative Development / Strategies / Ideation

  • ideation strategies: cultivating and sustaining creativity
  • team building
  • innovation strategies and system analysis for leadership

Marketing and Outreach
  • ideation
  • storytelling
  • strategy / campaign development
  • team building
  • social media development platforms: comprehensive tool skills
  • branding / theme development
  • language development: target audience
  • web development / site management
  • brochures, written campaigns, catalogs
  • digital art: adobe creative suite / cloud
  • video and audio production
  • photography
  • process review
  • statistical analysis

Digital Design

  • Adobe Create Suite / Cloud
  • video and audio production
  • theme design

Instructional Systems Design and Technology Integration
  • personalized learning plan development and strategies
  • instructional systems design (ISD)
    • using a variety of strategies: Blue Printing, ADDIE, UbD, Universal Design, Backward Design, Kirkpatrick 1-4, D&C, Iterative: Rapid Prototyping, Spiral Curriculum, Design Thinking
  • lms: Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard
    • hybrid solutions / integrations: G Suite (Google Apps), Blogs, Wikis, Dropbox, etc.
    • online learning and course development
    • interdisciplinary coursework models and strategies
    • project based education development
    • inquiry based teaching
    • constructivist teaching and modeling
    • teacher training
  • visual resource development: digital art / design and tools
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Camtasia
    • sound and video production tools (wide variety)
  • technology integration
    • video, audio
    • device design considerations / capability
    • G Suite (Google Apps), Blogs, Wikis, Dropbox, etc. 
    • S.T.E.A.M. education program development
  • curriculum development and design
    • comprehensive k-12 program design
    • undergraduate
    • graduate (Masters programs)
    • adult PD
  • user testing and feedback

Teaching: 20 years experience

  • secondary and postsecondary (adjunct professor and adult PD)
  • project based, constructivist, interdisciplinary

Conference Development

  • theme focus and innovative session planning
  • diverse scheduling models / workshops
  • facilitation
  • emcee
  • marketing: social media campaigns, art and language strategies
  • website design
  • customer feedback and analysis

Learning and Workspace Design / Facility Renovation
  • school renovations: facelift through comprehensive design / renovation
    • themes
  • classrooms
  • libraries
  • faculty rooms
  • office spaces
  • individual workspaces
  • conference rooms
  • theme development

School Program Innovation
  • mentorship programs: Rethinking teacher supervision / evaluation
  • master schedule innovation in schools
  • school advisory programs: relationship focused and changing school culture and climate
  • building interdisciplinary teaching and learning strategies
  • inquiry and project-beaded education strategies, implementation and program evaluation

Systems Analysis / Workflow Improvements
  • process review / statistical analysis, customer feedback strategies / methodologies, improvement strategies and process design, implementation, review and improvement practices

  • digital design: Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud
  • video and audio production
  • hardware, software, operating systems, and mobile OS
    • Mac OS, Windows
    • iOS and Android
  • technology integration and strategies
    • PD
      • skill development, teacher training in a wide variety of software and platforms
      • workflow management strategies: streamlining / coaching
      • collaboration and team building strategies
    • course integration / design
  • technology and infrastructure
    • planning
    • customer service training
    • audits
    • workflow analysis
    • PD, training, mentorship strategies (program function and creative)
    • strategic / short and long term planning
    • collaboration strategies
    • student internship programs

and... Baseball!

Coaching baseball for over 25 years has informed a number of important strategies to my work. I've coached baseball at the High School, American Legion and Babe Ruth (youth ages 13-19) levels. Coaching has informed my work on so many important levels. Here's a page detailing that work. I am active clinician and speaker on all playing aspects of the game and State leadership including: player development, mentoring young coaches, program development, rallying community support, and fundraising strategies.

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