Presenting and Consulting

I do presenting and consulting work for education, business and baseball. Please feel free to contact me for more information on how I can help!


Schools are often cultures of 'add.' They don't need to be. 

As Diana Laufenberg puts is, "Doing more, faster isn't a sustainable goal."

Conference Keynotes
  • Opening up learning opportunities
  • There's more to 'Digital Citizenship'
  • Collaborative teaching! What does that really look like?
  • Creating Modern Learning Spaces: Smoke and mirrors on through full scale renovation
  • Rethinking PD
  • A growth Mindset... for schools!

Workshops / Consulting
  • creative ways to unlock innovation in schools: Real changes at little to no cost
  • teacher evaluation systems / programs: The power of simplicity
  • students publishing their own website
  • teacher centric PD: What does that actually look like?
  • inquiry and project based learning: Strategies and best practices
  • Personalized Learning Plans (PLP, Act 77 in Vermont)
    • development and sustainability
  • School 101: building student centric advisory programs and rethinking school language
  • grading and assessment strategies to promote student learning
  • what does multidisciplinary learning look like in schools?
  • building community connections: school website, social media, parent groups and moving beyond school walls
  • student help desk and integrating students into adult PD

  • Renovating schools
    • Overhauling tired learning spaces / classrooms: on the cheap through full scale renovation
    • creating and building Maker Labs: It's more than creating them
  • Policy and procedural audits
    • workflow audits
    • ISD
  • Leadership training
    • making connections
    • workflow management
    • modern principals
  • 1-1 computing
    • rollout models / implementation 
    • best practices / things to be sure to avoid!
    • creating community connections
  • Technology Support and Infrastructure
    • technology audits: District and school
    • streamlining infrastructure and support practices
    • IT Support Staff and Coordinator / Director Training
    • creating customer service centered IT departments


  • workflow analysis / process evaluation
  • project management
  • renovating workspace: modernization and promoting collaboration
  • web development / user testing
  • ISD Instructional Systems Design)
  • social media strategies and implementation
  • infrastructure review / IT support review / technology audits
  • building professional development programs
  • leadership training

and... Baseball!

I've coached baseball for 24 years at the High School, American Legion and Babe Ruth (youth ages 13-19) levels. I am active clinician and speaker on all playing aspects of the game and leadership including: mentoring young coaches, program development, community development, fundraising, and leadership.

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